February 26, 2014

Well first off, do I make a good man? LOL
I kinda think so, although my god being in a male avi is so strange and uncomfortable for me, I do the pics and SNAP back to REALITY haha it's too stange :P
Soo AsHmOoT do some amazing male clothing and I wanted to show off just a snipet of what's available for the men, since those poor poor men don't have as much in the world of fashion as us women do :P

T-shirt is Mesh and comes in so many different varieties.
Shorts are also mesh and so many to pick from
I have chosen to show you the Angry dog Shirt, because I think it's disgusting what some people do to animals, and this is the face I make, and I have also chosen to show you the British Shorts since, well I am British \o/
A big thank you to AsHmOoT.

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