April 12, 2014

Ok so my "title" may be a tad unusual as there is no "calm" but well a RL argument with the hubby can be used in the same concept soooooo that's my reasoning LOL
Anyhoooo I have been accepted as a blogger for the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING The Ho Depot. Omgawd you have NO IDEA how exciting this is for me.. This is such a big thing, I could scream naked down the streets....But I won't of course.. What do you think I am? LOL
Check the hawtness of this post out lovelies...
Hair: +Spellbound+ Forgotten // Natural Selection 
Mouth Egg: {W&R} Easter Tamago - Mouthies - FatPack Happy Bunny Gacha Fair
Tattoo: [K]-skull rose tattoo / exclusive for THE HO DEPOT
Top: {K} Bandau - Monster w/Lola appliers THE HO DEPOT
Shorts: Kink! Gnaw CuttOffs w/appliers THE HO DEPOT
Belly Chain: BabyDoll. Belly Chain. Bitch Pk 1

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