LOTD #1255

October 10, 2016

Hey friends and followers.. Today seems like one of those days to write alittle bit of "Blah" from Lanny hahaha
Have you ever sat there looking through the amazing flickr photo's of fellow bloggers and photographers and thought "Why the hewwwww can't I do photo's like that" Well that's me right now.. I've been having this "feeling" for a while now, the way photographers and fellow bloggers take their pictures is just WOW. I am in awe of all of them and I wish wish wish I could do something even near to those amazing photo's.. So I think what I'm asking here is:::: IF anyone knows of any tips for photo's to make them look OUTSTANDING pleasee all your help would be amazing
Thank youuu and I hope you enjoy today's posts
Hair- Doe: Lyric Memento Mori (10.01.2016) TY
Head- CATWA HEAD Annie
Skin- Glam Affair - Moirah Applier ( Catwa / Annie ) Collabor88 TY
Eyes- Violetility - Samhain Siren Eyes Suicide Dollz TY
Ears- L'Etre Horn mesh ears MOM
Scar- PMS - Wolf Scars - Tattoo Bodyfy Event TY

Tattoo- {T'Ink} LiL Pumpkin, Dolly Pack  AnyBODY TY
Top- Vinyl - Casual Top & Embroidered Bra Pak Pixie Collabor88
Skirt- [I<3F] Skirt [01] [Suicide DollzTY
Shoes- [ME] Zone Shoes Suicide Dollz TY

EyePatch- .DirtyStories. Button Eyepatch Suicide Dollz TY
Piercings- :Diamante: Beethoviania - Suicide Dollz TY
Dimples- PUNCH / Dimple Piercing TY

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