LOTD #1489

February 18, 2017

You know when you see something and you instantly LOVE...?!?! Well I've just had that today with Merlific.. Merlific is taking part in this bi weekly round of Suicide Dollz with these A...MAZING BENTO Nails for Vista Bento Hands. Ermagawd, literally I died and went straight to the pixel heavens (LOL) See what you think... Some amazing items to be had at The Hipster Fair too. This post features a complete outfit including Accessories by FurtaCor*
Hair- Doe: Arely  Whimsical (02.17.2017) TY♥
Skin- Insol: Face for CATWA 'Marcela', ST04 'Copper'
Eyes- LOTUS. Formation Eyes 11 The Chapter Four
Shape- :Z.S: Angelina Shape Catwa bento The Hipster Fair TY♥
Eyeliner-A R T E - Stylish Liner HIPSTER FAIR 2017 TY♥

Outfit Inc Accessories- FurtaCor*Amber Outfit The Hipster Fair TY♥

Septum- ~LF~ Spikey Nose -Catwa Bento-  Suicide Dollz TY♥
Ears- #2  [PUMEC]  - / Mesh Ears \
Nails- *Merlific* Classy Nails Friendly to Vista Bento Hand Suicide Dollz TY♥

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